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Hotel Sempati Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Hotel Sempati in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“A good all-round visit.”

I flew out to the Sempati with a few friends in mid-Autumn (booked through Go North Cyprus). We weren't entirely sure which hotel to go for since there's a fairly wide variety in the general area but ultimately we were quite happy with our choice. The staff there were certainly friendly enough and our rooms (3 singles) were clean and comfortable, which on a holiday where most of our time was spent outdoors were our main concerns. We were also delighted by the sea view- we didn't know this would be the case so it was a nice surprise upon getting our bags to the rooms.

Due presumably to the timing of our visit the pool and poolside area was peaceful and spacious (the pool water was very clean, for those who have had bad experiences with hotel pools like myself).

Initially the slightly remote location of the place had worried us, but we needn't have been too concerned- firstly, the amenities nearby turned out to be fairly decent and secondly the frequent minibuses running into Kyrenia (around half an hour away) meant we could always get where we were going. Kyrenia is definitely a much more populated environment and this should be your first stop if you're missing the livelier atmosphere of a proper tourist spot.

Our trio had an excellent holiday and Hotel Sempati certainly played a big part in our enjoyment. I hope to return in the not too distant future.


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  • Name: Georgia
  • Location: england
  • Review Date: Oct 18, 2014
  • Date of Stay: October 2014
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