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Bogaz Hotel Famagusta North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Bogaz Hotel in Famagusta, North Cyprus

“Not Our Best Choice Of Hotels”

We got to the Bogaz Hotel after a very long flight, tired and looking forward to relaxing by the poolside with a cocktail or three. Having booked the hotel after viewıng the details on the web, we were sure we wouldn't be disappointed. The websıte had definitely looked very impressive and we couldn't wait to use the facilities which were described as, amongst other things “luxurious”.

When we finally arrived, we realized we'd made a big mistake – there was no pool, no bar, a beach that had been used as some kind of dumping ground and absolutely no other guests! It was a scene worthy of the Stephen King classic 'The Shining'. Unfortunately we had no other choice but to stay the night, but as soon as dawn came we made a hasty escape. We've never been any where quite so shambolic, and the misleading description on the website enhanced our displeasure.

İ suppose ıf you lıke your own space (and by that I mean being completely isolated from all human life - ıncludıng staff), then here's the place for you! I just hope you don't mind having no hot water, showering in a bathroom with no bathroom door, cobwebs in the wardrobe and a minibar fully-stocked with half a packet of mouldy mayonaisse.

In short, we were very unhappy with the quality of the establishment and the service we received. I certainly would not recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay in the area- especially with the apparent quality of other hotels in the area.

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: Janice Mildoon
  • Location: Yorkshire
  • Review Date: Sep 17, 2009
  • Date of Stay: September 2009
  • Travelled With: Husband and Daughter

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